Cherise Nikole Public Relations

Allow for me to introduce myself, my name is Cherise Nikole, and I am putting a new spin on public relations through Cherise Nikole PR. Creativity is the name of my game. Everything from branding to getting editorial placements print, I will be there to see it through. It’s never enough to just reach out and “see what happens.” What is enough is to think outside the norms of this industry to catch the eye of your community to ensure your success. That’s what I am here for. To ensure your success.

Whether you’re a fashion designer, musician, athlete, a tech start up, actress or whatever it is that makes you, YOU, it is my job to understand you and translate it so that your community and audience gets it. So, I lend to you my creative brain that loves to create and has an appetite to create ideas and movements that will manifest. I’m in the business of manifesting dreams; use me as a vessel to manifest yours! I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve come up with and connect you with a whole world that you could’ve only imagined.

e: [email protected] t: 323.452.3013